Diastasis Fix

Diastasis Fix has helped thousands of women create the strength and stability needed to overcome common and not-so-common core issues.

  • 8 Week Brand New Diastasis Fix Program 
  • 8 Week Brand New Pelvic Floor Perfect Program (FREE) 
  • 4 Week Brand New Core and Pelvic Floor Foundations Program (FREE) 
  • 12 Weeks of Support Including Exercise Critiques 
  • 10 Live Zoom Calls to Connect and Answer Questions 
  •  Bonus Pelvis Untwisting Exercises 
  • Bonus Pressure Safe Upper Body Workout 
  • Lifetime Access
  • No Membership Fees
  • Plus much much more! 
Refund Policy

100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy in the first 15 days. 

Coordination Is the Key to Healing

Improved coordination and posture alignment are vital for a healthy, balanced core. Diastasis Fix takes you through 12 weeks of exercises and education designed to heal diastasis and build stability for all of life's activities.

  • Improve your deep breathing system
  • Find your ideal posture for midline healing
  • Learn to load your core correctly
  • Improve your strength and flexibility
  • Optimize your pelvic alignment to improve core activation and back pain



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